Did you know that when you accept credit cards online, you can expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 100%? You simply can't compete if you don't accept credit cards. With our free online application, you can start accepting credit cards on your web site in less than 24 hours! In addition to accepting credit cards on your web site in real-time, you will also receive our simple-to-use, web-based credit card processing terminal so you can process transactions manually. With our versatile ecommerce software, you have a complete solution. Studies have shown that businesses that accept credit card payments benefit through increased sales and faster deposit of funds.

Let Innovative Merchant Solutions set your business up to accept credit cards, internet or retail, for fast and secure payment. , work task management At Innovative Merchant Solutions, we understand that fact perfectly. We specialize in merchant accounts and matching the solution to the client. We're not just about merchant gateway accounts; we can also provide you with a wide array of hardware and software solutions to fit almost any kind of business need. Machines made by Ingenico, Verifone, Hypercom, Thales, and Lipman set the standard in the merchant services industry, and we bring them together under one roof to offer the widest possible range of options for even the most demanding client. For more information on our merchant account and merchant services products, please contact us.

Innovative Merchant Solutions offers merchant accounts and point of sale (POS) hardware from some of the best-known manufacturers in the credit card processing industry. We work closely with a variety of POS hardware companies like VeriFone, Hypercom, Thales, and Lipman to provide terminals, printers, and PIN pads that will enable our merchant account clients to accept a wide variety of payment types easily, quickly, securely, and at competitive prices. Bank and financial institutions assist in setting up Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard merchant accounts. Banks provide their services in exchange for processing fees. Assuming you have reasonable credit, setting up with our merchant services is simple. Our relationship with banks and financial institutions making our merchant account offering appealing.

Begin accepting payments online today. Processing credit card transactions usually occurs at a clearinghouse. When your shopping cart within your online store receives the credit card during the payment process, the Transaction Processing Clearinghouse is the organization that authorizes and validates the card (making sure the number matches the card and that sufficient funds are available). Merchant account and credit card service companies are plentiful on the Internet. In Industry terms, these companies are called merchant account providers or Independent Sales Organizations. Make sure you research these companies before you pay for their e-commerce certified merchant services.

Brokers make money by either an upfront fee, an application fee, or a per transaction fee. Their main goal is to place you with a bank or company experienced with Internet transactions that accepts your credit history. There are several payment gateways to the transaction clearinghouse that can authorize and validate credit card payments while the customer is still online. These gateways provide a walkway from your website to a different modem channel to check the credit card status in real-time, a very complicated process if you were to do it on your own from step one. If you wish to use a real time gateway, which is most common with ecommerce shopping cart software, make sure it is compatible with the system you are going to use. Our virtual terminal and online shopping cart are compatible with most major merchant accounts.

Our Merchant Services include access to all major credit cards and regional debit networks, cutting edge Check Guarantee Services with electronic deposit, and point-of-sale solutions that are priced not only to be competitive but also unbeatable! Want to apply for a Credit card Merchant Account? . . . Tools for collaboration, project management online, whether you are in need of advanced, user-friendly secure payment solutions or access to a variety of electronic check services, we have the solution custom tailored for you.

Innovative Merchant Solutions, Credit Card Processing Services and Merchant Account Service provider, affirms our dedication to our clients by combining our experience, services, and promise of Consumer satisfaction into a package providing overall savings without compromising the high quality service your business deserves.